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Powerful VPS solutions for the demanding computing environment of today

With the vision for tomorrow


VPS Plans reside on Dell PowerEdge servers that boost application performance and deliver industry-leading manageability, versatility and operational efficiency.


Only reliable enterprise grade HDDs are used to ensure that your data is safe.  These drives are protected by LSI hardware configured with redundant RAID-10 performance.


Total redundant network configured with an A/B Ethernet hand off for reliability. Our network providers are Level 3, FPL Fibernet and Cogent.


Within seconds you will have root access and complete control over your new VPS server.  Giving you full control of OS reloads of your choice and reboots, without having to contact our support department.

VPS Plans Packed with Power

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an economical and wise alternative to a dedicated server for hosting large or busy websites. At WebHosts R Us we offer both OpenVZ and KVM virtualization technology.

… and reliable enterprise level hardware

All Virtual Private Servers replicate the experience of having a physical server dedicated to your web presence(s). However, rather than using individual hardware servers, multiple virtual servers are provided by a cluster of sophisticated hardware, configured in a way that ensures resilience and fail-over capability. This way of working also means that our customers can benefit from economy and scalability.

Dedicated Servers to Suit Every Need!

Optimized and scalable servers backed by WHRU support

If you develop web applications, host online databases with high transactions, or simply need a dedicated physical server for security purposes, our dedicated server plans provide the robust, flexible hosting you need.

These plans of dedicated servers allow you to lease a physical server devoted specifically to your requirements, physically configured exactly as you need, and running whichever operating system you prefer. We offer Linux variants and Microsoft Windows Server options.

Running your own dedicated server offers you an intricate level of control. If you feel you may need assistance in harnessing the power of your hardware, you can add on our server administration service, and have the skills and experience of our technical team on hand to help you configure the advanced options available.

As with all of our packages, we will go the extra mile to make sure we put together the exact combination of options you need. If you require extra bandwidth, Different CPU options, disk space, IP addresses, or any other variations to our suggested specifications, feel free contact us for a custom quote.

Three great reasons to host with WebHosts R Us

30 Day Guarantee

We offer a 30 day guarantee for our web hosting services.  If you are not satisfied with our services, you can cancel within 30 days and get your money back.

USA Based Support

A fully trained staff in all aspects of web hosting are at your side.  In many cases our support team extends itself beyond standard support of our competitors.

99.9% Uptime

We guarantee your service will be up at least 99.9%. Should the failure originate from WHRU, we will credit you the difference the following month.

A True Value for Security

Internet security is a really big deal nowadays, as you’re no doubt aware from all the high profile news coverage the topic receives. The Internet is involved in more and more areas of our everyday lives as time goes on, and inevitably this gives the hackers and cyber-criminals more reason to target our online lives.

This is why online security measures, such as implementing SSL (Secure Socket Layer), have become so much more important in recent years.

In short, using SSL on your website means that everything you and your customers do is encrypted, rather than sitting there in plain text just waiting for a hacker to come along. Implementing SSL has long been standard practice for sites dealing with financial details, but its use on all sites is now highly recommended.

You may even have noticed the increasing use of SSL yourself, if you’ve noted the use of “https://” at the beginning of web addresses instead of the less secure “http://”. Google is noticing too, and it’s now becoming apparent that the search giant is ranking secure websites more highly than those yet to implement SSL.

Therefore, if you want to see your site perform to the best of its ability, implementing SSL is now an essential and not a luxury.

Thankfully, adding SSL to your site is neither especially complicated nor expensive. At WebHosts R Us, we offer SSL solutions from GeoTrust, the second largest certificate provider worldwide, and Sectigo/Comodo, who offer a range of different SSL options including the economical Comodo Essential certificate.

Please contact us for further information. We can quickly help you implement SSL, and provide added peace of mind – both to you, and to your customers.

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